Our services

We help our clients gain increased agility, lower risk, greater scalability, and improved service quality across these core competencies

  • Program and Project Management
    • Migration Planning
    • Application Development from design to implementation
    • PMO Staffing and Augmentation
    • Systems Deployment 
    • Migration to Cloud 
  • Data Centre and Business
    • Transition
    • Transformation
    • Migration
  • Data Center / Cloud 
    • Management incl. Staffing
    • Planning
    • Deployment
    • infrastructure (Design, build, test, deploy)
  • Technologies
    • Server 
    • Desktops
    • Storage 
    • Network
  • Architecture, engineering, and operations

Set your sights.  
Align technology and business leadership with a common vision. What is your overall strategy? What is your core competency? What capabilities will the business need over the next three to five years?

Define technology needs.
How could innovation disrupt or enhance the technology operation and enable new business models and outcomes? What emerging technologies are likely to challenge the status quo, changing the way you manage and govern technology? 

Identify the gaps.  
Evaluate your current technology infrastructure. What competitive advantages does it offer the business? Where are its vulnerabilities? Where is it holding the business back?

Develop the plan.  
How will you fill the gap between the capabilities that the business will need to executive its strategy, and the current technology infrastructure’s capabilities? What operations should remain in-house? What could be outsourced or offshored? What are the advantages and risks? How will you manage those risks?