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Swiftmark  Solutions, Inc
P.O Box 51
NY, 10520
United States
Fax No(s) :- (1)-914-931-4085
                   :- (1)-914-944-4991

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About Us

Swiftmark Solutions, Inc. has provided hosting and related services to entrepreneurs and established businesses since 1996. From e-commerce to web hosting, business owners trust Swiftmark  Solutions hosting services for the most reliable hosting service in the industry and a continuing commitment to excellence in customer care. Whether you prefer Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting or Co-location, turn to Swiftmark Solutions, Inc..

Swiftmark Solutions, Inc. was founded on the premise that we're only as successful as our Clients are.

Our ability to respond to unique and specific requirements within extremely short time frames has resulted in excellent customer satisfaction ratings and rapid financial growth.

bulletOur methodology of combining Project Management oriented professional services with specialized and highly skilled staff augmentation resources is a new and innovative approach to the requirements of the marketplace.
bulletOur highly competitive and flexible pricing structure provides each client with a tailored solution that is appropriate to their specific needs.

All of these factors have combined to form an organization of high distinction, exceptional quality, and exponential growth.

Specific objectives and areas of distinction include: ( further details can be found here )

bullet Highly skilled and diversified management team with an average of 18 years industry   experience
 Responsiveness - 94% success rate in meeting 24 - 48 hour requisition targets
 Client Satisfaction - an 86% candidate/placement rate with 100% retention to date
 Market Presence - National and International recognition

Swiftmark  Solutions, Inc. is aiming to be amongst the top hosting providers based on infrastructure, Client support, and a wide variety of plan offerings, such as ASP Hosting, WAP Hosting and Custom Hosting.


Our Clients Benefit From Industrial Strength Infrastructure

*     Multiple major backbone providers

*     Use of BGP4 protocol

*     SONET technology for maximum redundancy, fault tolerance, and load   balancing

*     Dual OC-12 Lucent and Alcatel multiplexers, Cisco ONS 15454 OC-48 SONET DWDM multiplexers delivering T1, PRI, DS-3 and Optical Carrier (OC) services

*     Cisco 7200VXR series routers

*     Cisco Catalyst and Nortel switches

*     High-performance, multi-processor RAID servers


Businesses can dramatically cut their operating costs by turning to Swiftmark  Solutions, Inc. for their IT requirements. We continuously develop new technologies and value-added products and services for our Clients, keeping them one step ahead of the competition.

Swiftmark  Solutions, Inc.'s web hosting and e-commerce plans and prices offer unmatched performance and value. We invite you to compare us with other hosting providers. Swiftmark Solutions, Inc. is client centric and committed to providing excellent, ongoing service to help your business grow. We exist to deliver value and performance to you our client - everything else is secondary.



We will strive to make your web presence a business success. Swiftmark  Solutions, Inc is Client centric and committed to providing excellent, ongoing service to help your business grow. We exist to deliver value and best possible performance to you our clients - everything else is secondary.

Swiftmark  Solutions wants to be your web-hosting partner and are prepared to prove it day after day, in this new, fast-paced, and exciting era of the Internet.

To be able to do this we offer the following Plans as standard – at anytime a quick phone call will set you on the path to an upgrade of services


*      Individual Plan  - account prices start  $19.95/month

*     Swiftmark Business Basic Starting as low as $29.95/month

*     Swiftmark Business Plus starting as low as $34.95/month (inclusive of our dial-up services)

*      Swiftmark Enterprise Basic starting as low as $59.95/month (inclusive of our dial-up services)

*      Swiftmark Enterprise Plus starting as low as $89.95/month (inclusive of our dial-up services)

*      Swiftmark Enterprise Advanced starting as low as $139.95/month (inclusive of our dial-up services)

*      Domain Name Registration starts a low as $25.95 for a 3 year registration

Visit our website and navigate our Web Hosting Services Page for more details on what is offered with each plan ( click here )

We can typically have your site registered and up and running in as little as five business days.

If you do not have a registered domain name yet – there is no need to worry we can take care of the registration for you.

As a hosting Services Provider Swiftmark Solutions is fully registered and is able to offer domain name registrations in the following Top Level Domain (TLD)

* .com     * .net         * .org       * .info        * .us         * .biz

To register and take advantage of our low subscription rate please go to


We are able to offer a limited amount of development and customization time in the monthly costs.

We can also offer a full consulting service that covers

*        Project Management

*        Application and database development

*        Website Customization

*        Hosting

*        Network and Server Design, Implementation

*        Capacity  Planning & Performance Optimization

*        Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Planning

In addition to the low rates we are able to offer the following additional services

*        A Shopping Cart that will allow you to accept on-line credit card payments with out having to go thru the expense of setting up Merchant Gateway – this is done thru the Paypal Group – a saving of approximately $300.00 per month

*        Full Access to Perl and PHP development Tools , MySQL – other development tools as required

*        Each site fully supports Microsoft FrontPage and Dreamweaver

*        Unlimited POP E-Mail Accounts for our Business Plus and all Enterprise Accounts

*        Website Search engine submissions (free to Enterprise and Business Plus Accounts) and at a low monthly cost for all other accounts

*        Your Own Management Control Panel (except for our individual plan account holders)

*        Access to our technical support team

*        Data Backup facility – can be arranged to meet your requirements

*        A commitment to all agreed upon Service Level Agreements ( SLA’s )

*        Access to E-Mail via the Web  (useful for those that commute)

*        Web Statistics

*        Domain Name Transfers and Registrations

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