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Email Policy



Any Violation(s) of This E-Mail Policy Will Result In Immediate Suspension or Termination of Your Account.

E-Mail Abuse
Swiftmark Solutions, Inc maintains a zero tolerance for Spam. Spam is the Internet equivalent to junk mail or unwelcome telemarketersí calls. Whether solicited or not, bulk e-mailings cause tremendous strain on our Network resources. Some courts have even held Spam to be an illegal trespass to an Internet Service Providerís property. In Internet culture (Netiquette), sending Spam is fiercely frowned upon. In fact, if we donít strictly monitor it, our upstream Internet access providers will disconnect us from the Internet for allowing Spam to be passed through our Network. Spam costs all ISPs - including Swiftmark Solutions, Inc - and those additional costs ultimately translate into either increased access costs for you, or in degraded Internet access service. Neither of these is desirable for Swiftmark Solutions, Inc. For these reasons, we prohibit all forms of e-mail abuse, including, but not limited to, the following:

Unsolicited E-Mail:
Posting of messages to newsgroups that is irrelevant or blanket posting of messages to multiple newsgroups, or distributing, via our Internet e-mail servers, chain letters or "junk" e-mail or unsolicited e-mail of a business or commercial nature;

Mail Bombing/Flaming/Harassing E-mail:
Malicious impediments to another personís use of their electronic mail services or news media by sending them e-mail numerous times in succession (e.g. Mail Bombing); any mail that is sent to another that is annoying, harassing, threatening, or otherwise malicious;

Fraudulent E-Mail:
Forging any message header, in part or whole, originating or passing through the Swiftmark Solutions, Inc Network.

Please Remember That You May Become the Target of Spam as a Result of Electronically Registering a Product, Signing Up For Product Updates or Otherwise Opting in to an E-Mail list.

E-Mail Aliases:
An e-mail alias is the name before the @ in your email address (e.g. The primary e-mail alias is also used as your log-in name. The aliases are issued to you by Swiftmark Solutions, Inc, and are the sole property of Swiftmark Solutions, Inc. When you are assigned your e-mail alias(es), you are given non-transferable, limited license(s) to use the alias(es) for so long as you keep active the Swiftmark Solutions, Inc access account(s) associated with the subject alias(es). Swiftmark Solutions, Inc will not issue an e-mail alias that clearly infringes on anotherís trade or service mark. We reserve the right to revoke or rescind any email alias issued to you, if after it is issued to you, we become aware that it may be an infringement. If you surrender the use of an e-mail alias back to Swiftmark Solutions, Inc, we are not obligated to hold it for you. Upon surrender, we will impose a 180-day internal hold on the alias before it is made available to Swiftmark Solutions, Inc Network users.

E-Mail Storage and Retention:
We recommend that you set up your e-mail client (i.e. Outlook Express) to remove e-mail messages from our mail server when they are retrieved. However, if you elect to store your read e-mail on our servers, there is a 3-megabyte (MB), 30-day limit. We will purge all messages over 3 MB or over 30 days old.

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