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Swiftmark Solutions, Inc has designed a unique new methodology, which combines traditional Staff Augmentation services with Professional Services and Consulting expertise. As human capital experts, we recognize that the most critical component of success is the ability to attract and retain highly motivated and extremely talented people. We know that our credibility is built upon the skills and accomplishments of our contractors. Your business is important to us, and to ensure that we maintain our partnership we take the following steps to present only the highest quality candidates for your consideration.

Requirements At the organization level, Swiftmark Solutions Sales Representatives, Engagement Managers and Professional Services staff work with customers to define a set of core requirements. Skill sets for each job category are reviewed to ensure a common understanding of the general types of contractors that are required.

Customer specific processes and the methodologies necessary to advance productivity levels and minimize learning curves are carefully analyzed. A detailed customer service plan is developed and once this plan is mutually agreed upon, individual job requisitions focused on specific technical requirements as well as qualified candidates can be identified expeditiously.


Developed through multiple sources (referrals, professional networking, job fairs, Internet postings) Swiftmark Solutions maintains an extensive, state-of-the-art database of high quality candidates. These candidates are then matched against specific job requisitions and a pool of potential contractors is identified, qualified for availability, and queried to ensure that a mutual interest exists.

Our experienced recruiters can usually complete this process in less than a single day. Candidate Assessment & Interview Prior to presenting a candidate for a customer’s consideration, each individual must complete an intensive four-step evaluation process:

bulletTechnical Evaluation 
bulletAptitude Review
bulletBackground Check

The Re-Qualification process occurs during the recruitment process. Applicants are selected from the Swiftmark database by state-of-the-art automated matching programs, and a pool of potential candidates is identified. Then, a Swiftmark recruiter contacts each candidate to assess his or her skills applicability and interest levels. Only those select candidates that closely match detail job specifications are passed on to the Swiftmark Solutions interview process. Subject Matter Experts constitute step two of the interview process.

Pre-screened candidates are interviewed to ensure that technical and/or project management skills are sufficient to function at a level, which meets or exceeds client productivity standards. Not everyone is suited to work as a professional consultant in a high intensity, high visibility environment.

Step three focuses on the people skills necessary to excel in an on-site client environment. Members of the Swiftmark professional services group interview each candidate to ensure proficiency with critical skills, such as communications, team participation, ability to take direction, and willingness to get the job done. Only when these rigid standards are met will a candidate be presented to our client.

Pre-Start Training & Orientation Swiftmark's goal is to promote productivity. Overcoming the initial learning curve as quickly as possible is one of our primary objectives. To meet that objective, Swiftmark works with clients to develop and implement a “Pre-Start Orientation” process. Jointly designed, this process educates contractors in the “paper work” requirements of a new assignment. Critical path start date tasks, such as learning organization structures, reporting relationships, time reporting, project standards and methodologies, best practices, status reporting, and technical access configurations are addressed with self taught curriculum, significantly shortening the learning curve and advancing productivity.

Additionally, Swiftmark Solutions contractors participate in a soft skills review course to promote professional conduct on a client site.

Placement & Retention Good people are hard to find and harder to keep. Contractor turnover and attrition is bad for your business and ours. At Swiftmark Solutions, we value our employees and contractors and have put in place several programs to promote long-term relationships with them. Professional enhancement training programs are just a few of the steps we have taken to facilitate retention.

Areas of Expertise

Project Management Job categories include:       

Software Development Project Manager       

Infrastructure Project Manager       

Implementation Project Manager

Key skills include:      

PMP Certification                           

Customer Relationship Management     

Process & Methodologies                

Team Building & Management

Infrastructure Support Job categories include but are not limited to:     

Network Architect


System Administrator                      

Desktop Installation & Support     

LAN/WAN Support

Technical skills include but are not limited to:  

Operating Systems/Environments:         

Windows 2000, NT, XP

Unix (AIX, Solaris, SunOS, Linux)

Citrix Winframe


Network Protocols & Topologies:





Token Ring


Software Development

Job Categories include:     

Web Development 

Database Architect

Network Architects

Data Centre and Infrastructure Architects

Client Server Programmer

Database Administrator

Mainframe Applications

Security Administrator    

Technical skills include:

Web Development:

Java, J2EE, Java Script, HTML, XML, ActiveX, Cold Fusion, ASP.NET,    VB.NET, C#.NET, ADO.NET, Web Sphere, JSP, Web Logic, COM, D-COM, Corba, Rational    Rose, Domino, .NET 2003, Content Management Server 2000, Perl, PHP, Shell Scripts


Visual Basic, C, C++, PowerBuilder, Unix, Lotus Notes, Smalltalk,

Mainframe Applications:


Database Administration:

Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Informix, Sybase, SQL, MySql, UDB, Pick Universe


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